Well, hello! I’m Kayla, the Senior News and Entertainment Editor at Good Housekeeping.

26904015_10155757606927535_2474756811634371712_nHmmm, an “About Me” page. Well, for starters I spend more time on Instagram than I probably should, and I prefer my coffee iced with way too much half and half. Oh yeah, and writing is pretty cool, too.

My love of writing stems from the good old days of braces and trainer bras. Back then, my journal was everything to me. Anything was fair game when it came to my “I Love Orlando” Limited Too note pad.

Around the same time, I started really getting into magazines. Coming home from school, there was nothing better than plopping on my bed and flipping through the pages of Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, (hey, where do you think my sex ed came from?), Teen Vogue, and any other magazine I could get my hands on. Then, when my parents gave me permission to (gasp!) use the Internet, I quickly fell in love with social media. To think it all began with my obsession to write the most clever away message on AIM in sixth grade …

So there you have it. As a 28-year-old writer and web strategist today, I’m a lover of it all— social media, women’s lifestyle content, celebrity profiles, and the space where it all comes together. If you want to learn more about the work I’ve done, please feel free to click around. This site has a collection of my clips from past writing gigs and contact information if you want to say “hey.”

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web world.

Hope we can connect soon,

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 9.08.20 AMKayla Keegan

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